Certified Non-Toxic

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Certified Non-Toxic

All Lumineux products are certified non-toxic and have been strictly tested in third party and government laboratories!


Lumineux Oral Essentials products are certified non-toxic

So what does that mean? It means it does not kill any healthy cells. For this, I actually sent our products to a government lab in France to make sure we get the highest level of certification. Europe's certification is much stricter than the United States in terms of toxicity.

I wanted to make sure that no matter what standard we were using we would pass with flying colors. So that's what it means. Number one it doesn't kill healthy cells. That means you can use it on a daily basis without any type of side effects. And that's what Lumineux Oral Essentials products have on them.

Now in addition to this we have recently gotten the made safe seal. This is the first oral care product line that has gotten that made safe seal. That also goes to show you that the ingredients that we're using is safe. And then with all of our clinical exams it shows it's also effective; clinically proven to work and also clinically proven to be safe.



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