How Lumineux was created

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How Lumineux was created

Lumineux is the first certified non-toxic oral care product on the market. Learn what Dr. Maddahi saw in his office that prompted him to create his own oral care line.


I often get asked the question with all of these oral care product lines on the market why did you create Lumineux Oral Essentials? And the answer is simple. I tried every different type of product on my patients and I couldn't get the specific results that I was looking for.

What is this specific result? When I was doing smile makeovers I would see that there is inflammation in the gums due to a temporaries that I was using and that I couldn't control the bleeding. This was affecting my work and some of this work was being filmed for different makeover shows. I was always looking for a product that could decrease the bleeding, make the gums healthier and I couldn't find it.

So I approach one of my friends and colleagues Dr. Nowzari. He's a periodontist in Beverly Hills, a gum surgeon, and he was also the chairman of the Advanced-Perio department at USC for 17 years. And I told him about my frustrations with the kind of things that are going on with my patients and he simply told me, most of the mouthwashes and toothpastes that are on the market have a lot of chemicals in them and they're not actually effective.

I was so surprised to hear that. How is that possible? You are a gum surgeon, you're doing gum surgery, you're taking care of patients. How come you don't believe in any of the products? He said basically I told my patients to rinse their mouth with sea salt instead.

He said he did a 10 year unprecedented study on homeless kids in Manila. And what that showed is that these kids were suffering from advanced gum disease at an early age due to a particular bacteria called AA bacteria. AA bacteria infects about one and a half billion people in the world. People in Asia to people in the Middle East, South America and what it affects is the four upper and four lower front teeth and also the back molars. They start to loose bone and gum around these teeth at a very young age. So he had them rub sea salt under the gum. Twice a day. And he followed them for 10 years. And lo and behold what he found was so amazing and astonishing.

He saw that the disease actually stopped. Yet the bacteria continued to live in the person's mouth. So this whole idea of going and killing bacteria just because the bacteria caused the disease was not the correct one because in the presence of the bacteria he was able to neutralize the effects of those bacteria. Even though he didn't kill the bacteria themselves!

So I set out to create an oral care product line that actually protected the bacteria in people's mouths, the ecosystem, the microbiome had to be protected because as a health care professional I always knew you can't kill all the bacteria. What are you going to end up with is more resistant bacteria. Now you pick up any of these mouthwash and toothpaste from the leading brands and they're advertising that the they kill 99.99% of the germs.

98% of them are healthy bacteria that protect us. The bacteria are our first line of defense in the mouth, in the gut, on our skin and also in our eye. So why would we want to go indiscriminately kill them. And that's when I started to figure out a way to create a product line that protected the bacteria, and was safe in terms of not killing any healthy cells. But it was effective in terms of the gums and teeth. Then it started to grow and grow and then I came up with different products. That was the main reason behind it.


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