The Importance of Ingredients

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The Importance of Ingredients

Dr. Maddahi talks about the sourcing of ingredients and testing of Lumineux Products!


Lumineux oral essentials products are plant and mineral base. There's a certain amount of challenges that goes with an oral care product line that has to be consistent and has to have similar effects on every single patient.

So we had to scour the earth to find ingredients that are always potent and the level of potency doesn't change very much. For example our signature ingredient Dead sea salt is the only pure salt on the planet. There's not much rain in the Dead Sea. There's not that much pollution and all sorts of other micro plastics and everything that you see in the regular sea. You don't see it in the Dead Sea. So the purity always stays there. What are the other things? French essential oils. Why French essential oils? Because those are the most potent and consistent in terms of oils that we could get. Then we went to Xylitol. Not just any Xylitol, Non-GMO Xylitol. We went to organic aloe vera juice. All of these ingredients. The coconut oil, grape seed oil, sage oil, all of these are actual oils. They're not extracts, which are not actually effective.

This is one of the main reasons why the Lumineux line is one of the most expensive products to produce and we are proud to produce it because you absolutely deserve the best!


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