What makes Lumineux special?

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What makes Lumineux special?

Listen to Dr. Maddahi as he talks about what makes Lumineux Oral Essentials™ different from other oral care products!


So what makes Lumineux oral essentials products different? First of all the first thing that I did is I divided the entire population into four categories: people that are looking for healthy gum and healthy teeth, people that want whiter teeth, people that want less sensitive teeth, and people that also are suffering from dry mouth and they want to have a hydrated mouth. So with these four categories in mind I started to develop products with ingredients that are also very very safe and also happen to be effective. What are those ingredients. I started with the first ingredient. Our signature ingredient dead sea salt.

Why dead salt? Because it is full of minerals. So as an example when we're talking about table salt it only has 2 percent minerals. When we're talking about sea salt is only has 20 percent minerals. When we're talking about Himalayan salt which has about 40 percent minerals, dead sea salt has 84 percent minerals. And what is our teeth made of? Minerals! And that's what we want to make sure we're protecting the teeth and the gum. So that's our signature ingredient. And then we happen to also add other ingredients such as xylitol, french essential oils, organic aloe vera juice to have that clean fresh healthy-breath-healthy-mouth feel for each and every person.

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