Whitening Kit

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Whitening Kit

Dr. Maddahi talks about why he created the whitening kit, and also what you get when you purchase one!



As a cosmetic dentist, I've been always trying to make sure my patients teeth are white and they stay right. So one of the problems I started to run into is that people are drinking more tea, more coffee, more red wine, eating more blueberry more blackberries, more green juice, more red juice, and all of these substances accumulate on the surface of the teeth.

So I couldn't actually keep my patients teeth white because of all of this staining liquids and food that people were consuming. So I started to think with what is the active ingredient in every whitening product: Peroxide.

What does peroxide do? Peroxide whitens your teeth but it causes sensitivity with the teeth. And if you use it too much you're going to have enamel breakdown. I didn't want to give my patients a product that they're using on a daily basis that's damaging their gums and teeth and also creating sensitivity. I had to come up with an alternative!

There was no other alternative on the market so I started my own research with different types of oils. I added coconut oil, sage oil, and lemon peel oil to the list of other ingredients I had in my clean and fresh mouthwash. Now lo and behold with clinically proven results what we found is that I was able to whiten teeth as well as the leading brand without the use of peroxide, without killing any bacteria, without causing any enamel damage or gum damage. And what happens is you can use the products on a daily basis. People don't have to be afraid of using anything that would cause any type of a damage!

So the whitening kit I came up with is a whitening mouthwash, whitening toothpaste, and whitening strips. Yes whitening strips. That is not using peroxide and yet you can get similar results to the leading brand without the sensitivity. Enamel Safe! And you have a non-toxic product. That's how you're going to keep your teeth right.

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