Whitening Strips

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Whitening Strips

Dr. Maddahi talks about what inspired him to create the Lumineux Whitening Strips and why this is his most revolutionary product yet!


Lumineux Oral Essentials whitening strips. This is the most revolutionary product that I actually have created. I am so proud of this product and I'm gonna tell you the reason why.

As a cosmetic dentist what do I want? White teeth for my patients. What am I running into? People that have sensitivity, people are drinking coffee everyday, people are drinking their green tea, red wine, green juice, red juice, and soy sauce. All of these things that are staining their teeth!

So I wanted to give them a type of product that doesn't cause sensitivity is enamel safe and also it's certified non-toxic. That's what YOU get with my whitening strips. You will see results after the first use but for best results you should use a seven days in a row. It doesn't harm any of your teeth or your tissues.

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