Why Dead Sea Salt?

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Why Dead Sea Salt?

Dead sea salt has the highest concentration of minerals out of any salt in the world. Learn why Lumineux uses Dead Sea Salt in all its products!


The signature ingredient in Lumineux Oral Essentials products is Dead sea salt. Why Dead sea salt? Because it has the highest level of mineral content. Table salt has only 2% minerals. Sea salt has only 20% minerals Himalayan salt has only 40% minerals. Yet dead sea salt has 84% minerals.

What is so special about that Dead sea? It's the lowest point on Earth. About fifteen hundred feet below sea level so it's gathering the minerals of Earth.

What are our teeth made of? Minerals. So we wanted to create a protective mineral coating on the teeth using the mouthwash and using the toothpaste. So in all of our products we made sure that we have dead sea salt.

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