How You Can Help Your Children Maintain their Dental Hygiene while Having Braces?

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How You Can Help Your Children Maintain their Dental Hygiene while Having Braces?

Are you interested in discovering how to maintain your child’s oral hygiene just by reading this article?

Good dental hygiene is very important for children who have braces. You must have noticed how excited your child will be in anticipation of his braces coming off. But to ensure that your child’s happiness is not short-lived then it important that he should maintain good oral hygiene while wearing braces. If your child has braces for a long period of time, then he is prone to facing long-term issues like discoloration around where the braces are bonded to his teeth which may prolong his treatment and demand more visits to the dentist.

Proper dental care for braces is very important and well worth the effort which will only truly be appreciated once your child’s braces come off.

You can avoid all this by doing the following:

Rinsing their Mouth

Having braces makes it easier for food particles to get stuck in your child’s teeth, wires and brackets. Make sure that your child rinses his teeth about 3-4 times every day to loosen up any food particles that might be stuck in the teeth and braces after which he should brush. Make sure that your child rinses his mouth with a fluoride rinse before heading to bed each night after brushing. This will also help in preventing biofilm, gingivitis and other smaller irritations that can happen due to braces.

Brushing Regularly

Brushing your teeth when you have braces as compared to when you don’t have braces is not very different but you will have to ensure that your child uses a soft bristled brush or power tooth brush for 2 minutes, the same as a normal brushing session. But you may need to replace the toothbrush a lot sooner, every 3 months or so as the braces tend to wear down the bristles faster.

Using a round bristled toothbrush is great for brushing your braces but you have to make sure that your child brushes gently though.

Make a Daily Habit of Interdental Brushing

An interdental brush is a small brush that is helpful in cleaning between the teeth and can also be used to clean underneath and around your wire and braces where a regular toothbrush can’t reach. You can use an interdental brush to remove big pieces of debris before brushing with your normal toothbrush.

Flossing Regularly

Flossing with braces is difficult but it is very important that your child keeps on flossing with the aid of floss threaders so that you can get under the braces and remove the plaque that is usually a bit difficult to reach. Regular and proper flossing is important to maintain your child’s dental hygiene even during orthodontic treatment.

Scheduling Regular Checkups and Cleanings

Make sure to schedule a dental appointment every six months for a cleaning and a checkup with your regular dentist. This will help your dentist track your child’s oral progress as well as point out any areas that need any extra attention or need to be taken care of. During these visits, your dentist can clean and remove any buildups of plaque in hard-to-reach places. Checkups are the best things that can help you maintain your child’s oral health properly.

Are you planning on getting braces? I hope this article has helped you understand that your child’s oral health routine will change when he has braces. Maintaining good oral hygiene while having braces can be a bit tough and will require extra time and effort but it will be well worth the effort when your child’s braces come off.

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