The Ultimate Guide to Whitening Teeth Safely

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The Ultimate Guide to Whitening Teeth Safely

Embarrassment over the color of teeth causes many people to conceal their teeth in pictures and not smile as much in public. If you find yourself in this sort of situation, don’t let discolored teeth keep you down. Get the smile you’ve always dreamed of by whitening your teeth.

Popularity of Teeth Whitening Products

Discolored teeth can give the impression that you don’t take good care of yourself, so it’s no surprise that the popularity of teeth whitening products is soaring. Since the first toothpaste claiming to whiten teeth came out in the late 1980s, more and more whitening products have hit the market. Recent data shows that we spend over $10 billion on teeth whitening products and treatments every year. From whitening strips and toothpastes to mouthwash and even laser whitening treatments, there are many options available for achieving a sparkling smile.

10 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth provides many benefits, including the following:

1. Enhance your appearance – A whiter smile improves your appearance and makes your look stronger than ever.

2. Boost self-confidence – You’ll want to show off your beautiful new smile to everyone you meet.

3. Minimize the look of wrinkles – A stunning smile shifts the focus because when your teeth are visible, people are naturally drawn to your smile. This takes away attention from wrinkles and other less desirable features.

4. Affordable – Whitening your teeth is a way to improve your appearance without breaking the bank.

5. You’re more attractive – A whiter smile improves your appearance and makes you more self-confident. It’s also an indication that you take care of yourself. All these add up to making you more attractive to potential love interests.

6. You can let your guard down – With increased confidence, you can be less guarded in social situations. You’ll be able to smile and laugh more with others.

7. It makes you seem friendlier – Smiling makes a big impact, making you seem friendlier and more trustworthy. This pays off in social situations and the workplace, particularly if you’re attending meetings or giving presentations.

8. Thrive in professional situations – Bring positive energy to everything from job interviews to salary negotiations to brainstorming sessions. With a whiter smile, you’re more likely to show off your pearly whites, which charms the people you’re interacting with and creates a warmer atmosphere.

9. Create a positive outlook on life – Whiter teeth give you more reasons to smile, and smiling boosts your mood. Smiling gives you a more positive outlook on life.

10. You look healthy – Although white teeth aren’t necessarily healthier than discolored teeth, they certainly make your mouth look healthier and signal to others that you care about your health.

The Problem of Discolored Teeth

No matter how much you brush your teeth, you may still suffer from discoloration. This is not uncommon and is completely natural, but that doesn’t make the situation better. Coffee, tea, red wine, and smoking are a few of the common causes of tooth discoloration. 

The Dangers of Teeth Whitening

As teeth whitening has become increasingly popular, so have problems with tooth sensitivity. This isn’t a coincidence. Many teeth whitening products contain ingredients that can damage your teeth, resulting in tooth sensitivity and other unpleasant side effects. Two common whitening agents are hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

1. Hydrogen peroxide – It is an oxidizer, bleaching agent, and disinfectant found in most popular whitening toothpastes. While it does whiten teeth, it also oxidizes your tooth enamel (study) and may irritate soft tissues in the mouth (oral mucosa), particularly the gums. Hydrogen peroxide goes into dentinal tubules and cleans out the minerals (study), weakening the tooth, often leading to painful sensitivity.

2. Baking soda –It works as a mechanical cleanser on the teeth and gums. While it is effective at removing stains through abrasion, over time baking soda can significantly weaken your enamel. According to Colgate:

“excessive use of baking soda can have the reverse effect of cleaning, breaking down your enamel over time and causing sensitivity in your teeth.”

So how is it that an entire industry supposedly dedicated to protecting our teeth is selling billions of dollars of products containing ingredients that are now known to physically damage and demineralize tooth enamel? The problem is that most studies involving whitening products are done over short periods of time and do not take into account prolonged exposure. It was only when much longer-term studies were completed that researchers learned just how much damage was being done by whitening products.

So how do you whiten your teeth safely?

4 Ways to Safely Whiten your Teeth

1. Coconut Oil

Oil pulling has grown in popularity over recent years, as word about the benefits of it have spread. The practice is simple enough; swishing a tablespoon or so of coconut oil through the teeth for several minutes, then expelling the oil and rinsing the mouth well with water.

Coconut Oil whitens teeth because of its lauric acid content which reduces the adhesion of plaque to tooth structure and consequent inflammatory response. Plaque is a major contributory factor to yellow teeth. Coconut Oil contains medium chain fatty acids with 50% being lauric acid. It whitens teeth without causing any sensitivity.

The two main complaints about Coconut Oil Pulling is that it is a time consuming process and it tires the jaw out. For those who have the time, Oil Pulling is an effective and healthy option for whitening teeth.

2. Fruits and Vegetables


There are various foods that have a whitening effect on teeth. Many fruits such as strawberries, pineapple, and apples combine malic acid, which whitens with a high fiber content that acts like a gentle scrub. They also increase saliva flow, which helps remove stains. Carrots and broccoli also have this scrubbing action and have tooth-strengthening properties like iron and vitamin A.

11 Fruits and vegetables to incorporate into your diet:

1. Grapefruit

2. Oranges

3. Melon

4. Pears

5. Pineapple

6. Tangerines

7. Cucumbers

8. Carrots

9. Celery

10. Broccoli

11. Tomatoes

In general, choosing a variety of nutritious foods and limiting intake of sugary foods can help keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Eating too many sugary snacks can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.

3. Sea Salt Rinse

Using a sea salt water mixture to aid in dental health is by no means a new practice. In fact, many ancient medical scripts refer to the use of salt water. There are even a few papyruses dated as far back as 1600 B.C. in which Egyptians detailed how to use their recipes to treat a variety of medical ailments. One of the most commonly used treatments seems to have been utilizing salt for its anti-infective properties. The Ancient Egyptians were not alone in their understanding of the benefits of salt; the Greeks are another ancient civilization who had an early understanding of the anti-inflammatory benefits of using salt. 

Essentially, the presence of salt in your mouth increases its pH balance. The environment that results is very alkaline, and bacteria cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Bacteria is only able to thrive in an atmosphere that is very acidic. When salt is used on a regular basis, bacteria will not be healthy enough to reproduce, resulting in a healthier mouth. 

Furthermore, sea salt also has whitening properties. Not only does it work as a natural scrub, but, in addition, it contains phosphorous and iron to strengthen teeth. Further, some sea salts, like the salt from the Dead Sea, also contain trace elements of bromide. This amount is quite safe for daily use, and still highly effective.

Creating a salt water rinse is to encourage dental health at home is incredibly easy. All you need is a cup of warm water and 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. Rinse with it daily and you will see whitening results.

4. Oral Essentials Whitening Strips

Oral Essentials Whitening Strips is the first ever whitening strip that uses a patent pending formula, which includes Coconut Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Lemon Peel Oil, and Sage Oil to visibly whiten your teeth in 30 minutes. As mentioned previously, Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking soda, although extremely effective whiteners, wear down enamel over time, compromising tooth structure, and cause tooth sensitivity. Finally there is an alternative with none of the junk, and just the essentials. You don’t even have to take our word for it, for a limited time only you can try a whitening strip for .99¢ (here).

The advantage of using these strips over the 3 other options I mentioned before is:

  1. Whitening on-the-go (Hassle Free)
Dentist Formulated and Clinically Tested

  3. Incorporates multiple effective whitening ingredients
Instant results

  5. Cost-effective way to whiten your teeth

  6. Certified Non-Toxic and Safe for Daily Use

  7. It’s .99¢

If you want to try Oral Essentials Whitening Strips (Pack of 14) you can get a one month supply by clicking (here). Save 20% and get FREE shipping with Promo Code: Brightersmile20 at checkout. 

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