How Lumineux Ingredients Lift Stains

How Lumineux Ingredients Lift Stains

99% of teeth whitening products on the market use one ingredient that temporarily damages enamel, which can cause tooth sensitivity.

It comes up often when I speak with people unfamiliar with our brand that it seems very unlikely that ingredients so well thought of and beneficial as Dead Sea salt, coconut oil and lemon peel oil could lift stains safely and effectively. So, I decided it would be a good idea to explain the HOW behind these beloved ingredients for you here.

Before I tell you how they do, however, I think it is important that I groove you in on how other products whiten teeth. Most teeth whiteners use peroxide (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) to whiten teeth. Not only is this ingredient widely accepted as effective, but it is also the reason teeth whitening is associated with some tooth or gum sensitivity, no matter how temporary.

Peroxide is well-known for its bubbling. I’m sure we’ve all used some on a scraped knee or cut and watched the little white bubbles appear. It’s a satisfying sight and we associate it (and the tingling that comes with it) with efficacy from a young age. These little bubbles are a chemical reaction happening right before our eyes, and that is also the reaction which makes peroxides effective whiteners AND that can lead to sensitivity. Peroxides react with organic matter and work to break it down through a chemical reaction called oxidation. When a peroxide comes in contact with your teeth, and the stains that lay on top of them, it reacts with the molecules of the stain and breaks them apart, leaving whiter teeth behind. However, peroxides do not differentiate between the stain and your tooth’s outer most layer (known as enamel). Peroxides can temporarily break down your enamel, opening little holes that can lead to the nerves inside your teeth, and this can cause sensitivity!

As a side note, oxidizing agents are not so well-loved in the health communities nor our Founders. They cause aging, tissue damage and release of free radicals in the body, which is the reason health experts encourage us to eat ANTIoxidants like blueberries and cranberries.

So, basically, peroxides whiten by breaking down stains, and typically the enamel beneath it as well. It can’t really tell the difference. It’s just a chemical after all.

Lucky for us, our saliva is a miraculous tool packed with minerals that our body uses to repair enamel and so this sensitivity is temporary, but if I may be so bold, if there’s another way to lift stains without that discomfort, wouldn’t it be preferable? Yes?

OH GOOD. Now I finally get to talk about us. Lumineux® uses a very purposeful combination of 3 key ingredients that work together to accomplish something amazing. Dead Sea salt, coconut oil and lemon peel oil (which you’ll happily find in all our Whitening products) help break down stains, leaving whiter teeth behind. The difference is, this is accomplished NOT, I repeat NOT, by creating temporary damage.

And my friends, if you followed all that, you are now a LUMINEUX SCIENTIST.

If you feel like you want cliff notes, here they are:

Peroxide based whiteners temporarily damage enamel, which can lead to sensitivity. Lumineux® whitening products lift stains without temporarily damaging enamel, leaving whiter teeth that have been hugged, kissed and snuggled by 3 ingredients we revere as so, so important to your oral health routine. And they; are Dead Sea salt, coconut oil and lemon peel oil.

Strips, Pen, Toothpaste, Mouthwash, repeat, for all the days of your life because you can and your teeth will look great, and even more importantly, they will FEEL great.

This is a side-by-side of tooth enamel after using peroxide (left) and after using Lumineux (right) for 7 days.

And here are some studies on the whitening effects of Lumineux products.

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