Oil Pulling in 60 Seconds

Oil Pulling in 60 Seconds

Oil pulling is a popular trend on social media, but the practice of swishing beneficial oils in one’s mouth to detoxify and promote good health goes back thousands of years.1 This history of oil pulling comes from the ancient alternative medicine practice of India known as Ayurveda. It calls for swishing oils like coconut oil or sesame oil for around 20-30 minutes for improved oral and whole-body health. Over the last 10 years, however, it’s also been hailed for its teeth whitening benefits.

But here’s the thing about oil pulling; swishing with anything for 20-30 minutes is not good for your jaw muscles. In fact, habitually doing it can lead to jaw pain, worsen TMJ symptoms or cause jaw muscles to bulk. So, while the benefits of these oils are plain, the question became, is there a way to enjoy the detoxifying and whitening benefits without needing to swish for a half hour?

This was one of the main reasons Lumineux’s CEO and Founder, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, decided to explore adding oils like coconut oil to his already existing Clean & Fresh Mouthwash to create a whitening formula. After identifying 3 oils that proved to lift stains from enamel without damaging them and finding the right levels at which they would prove effective, he launched Lumineux® Whitening Mouthwash, his second product to hit the market. One of the greatest things about this mouthwash is, in clinical research is proved to lift stains after participants swished with it for just 60 seconds2.

This product quickly became his most popular, and was the impetus behind the creation of the entire whitening line, including Lumineux® Whitening Strips, the Bright2 Pen and, of course, Lumineux® Whitening Toothpaste.

One of my favorite things about Lumineux® has always been this sort of marriage between Eastern and Western thinking. I have seen very few companies create products that will work with the body to provide results, instead of against it, and then prove the efficacy of them through dozens of clinical trials. This relentless and uncompromising approach is truly owed to our Founder. The original purpose of Lumineux® was to improve the lives and health of the patients he treated day to day, and that purpose has now grown to include every single person we reach. It’s as if everyone we are lucky enough to speak to becomes a patient of Dr. Maddahi and we try to offer that same care and respect with every tube of toothpaste or bottle of mouthwash we produce. Above and beyond oral care, moral care®.

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