Tackling the Myths Around Oral Health

Tackling the Myths Around Oral Health

Howdy! Welcome to the Lumineux® Blog. I’m so happy you’re here. My name is Caroline Duggan and I’m the Chief Brand Officer here at Lumineux®. This is the first of many entries in this blog and I wanted to start by writing a personal note to you, the reader, about what I hope to achieve with these articles.

The purpose of Lumineux® is two-fold. The first purpose may seem obvious, but if I may be so bold, slightly more thoughtful than some you might come across in this world of bright blue mouthwashes and whitening strips full of bleach. We want to provide products that really and truly help to improve the long term, and short term, oral health of its users. You may be thinking to yourself, ‘Well shucks! Isn’t that the goal of all oral care product companies?’ I’m not so sure. When I read the ingredient lists knowing all that I know about the mouth and its connection to whole body health, I genuinely have questions.

So much has changed in the last 30 years. We have learned a lot about our bodies and how incredibly powerful their inherent systems are. We know that most of our body’s native bacteria are good, for instance. A whopping 98% of them are imperative to our daily health1. And yet, even yesterday after preaching our doctrine for over a year to my nanny, she told me she has been using a certain antibacterial cleaning product on every surface of her house during cold season to try and keep her family from getting sick. It didn’t work, by the way. And no wonder! Those good bacteria that can be found all over our bodies, one of their main functions is to keep us from falling ill2. They do this incredibly well, in fact, and when we use cleaning products, hand soaps, detergents, or eat foods with antibacterial ingredients, we compromise their ability to stop foreign bacteria, viruses and fungi from taking hold and tipping us over into sickness.

Now, let’s think about that in terms of oral care. I bet you dimes to donuts, that every single person who reads this blog has used an oral care product at some point in their lives that advertised it “KILLS 99.9% BACTERIA”. I too am one of those people, just so you know. I have fallen prey to this age-old marketing tactic. However, now I know better, and I want to pass that hard-earned information on to you. Which brings me to my next point. The next purpose of Lumineux®.

Here at Lumineux®, we don’t just make products, we also have this second reason to exist and go on, and it is, in my opinion, above and beyond™ the first. We want to provide you with all the reasons why. To give you some simple truths about your health, your mouth and how you can address both successfully. I had a brother who suffered from health problems his whole life. He passed away recently, and my sister and I reflected after his passing that being healthy really is one of the most incredible and important things a person can be. Good health is a KEY to freedom and happiness in this life. Some of us take our good health for granted, but we shouldn’t. If you are a healthy person, take a moment today to revel in just how freeing that is. If you are searching for better health, please know we are right here along with you. Every single day we are trying for something better and creating solutions while educating those around us.

We all know the old saying, “life is short”. Well, I’d like to add, life is too dang short for cruddy products. There are so so SO many reasons why I truly believe you should switch to Lumineux® for all your oral care needs, and we’ll go over them all throughout this blog, but for now, I’ll just offer this one:

Lumineux® doesn’t kill bacteria, but instead helps detoxify them3,4 so they can keep doing their jobs and you can reap the benefits of a more balanced oral microbiome for whole body health.

Above and beyond oral care, moral care.®

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