Halitosis Study Clean and Fresh Mouthwash Study

Written by Kourosh Maddahi — December 02, 2021

Study Goal:

To determine the effect on halitosis of rinsing twice-daily during 14 days with OE Clean 
& Fresh Breath mouthwash.

Study Overview:

Thirty subjects with moderate to severe halitosis as determined using a standard halimeter as well as organoleptic evaluation by 2 blinded investigators were recruited. Baseline measurements were recorded 3x from each subject using the halimeter, and once each by two individual pre-standardized clinicians to obtain mean baseline halitosis values. Subjects then continued with their regular oral hygiene measures. Additionally, they used the allocated test mouthwash for 14 days, rinsing for 2 minutes twice daily with the OE Clean & Fresh Breath mouthwash. On Day 14, three halimeter measurements and 1 organoleptic measurement by each of 2 blinded investigators were repeated. Statistical analysis of the data determined that twice-daily use of OE Clean & Fresh Breath mouthwash over 14 days resulted in a significant reduction in halitosis score, with the digital score improving by almost 50%, and the organoleptic score by more than 60%.

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