Viral Load Study

Written by Kourosh Maddahi — March 02, 2023

Baseline saliva samples were collected in thirty individuals (age 25-35) with gingivitis (GI > 2) to ensure they all carried measurable load of HSV1, CMV and EBV. Subjects were randomized to use either Lumineux Oral Essentials Clean and Fresh MouthwashR (Oral Essentials, Beverly Hills, CA 90210) (Test), or de-ionized water (Control). Subjects gargled with the allocated mouth rinse twice daily over a period of 60 days. Saliva samples were collected at baseline and Day 60 and sent for mRNA analysis using RT-PCR of viral load of HSV1, CMV and EBV. Subjects also maintained a daily health log, recording any presence, duration and severity of signs or symptoms of URTI and other unwellness.

Test group baseline means were significantly higher compared to Control group for CMV and EBV. For HSV-1, Test group baseline mean was lower than for Controls, with the Difference approaching significance. Baseline differences did not have an effect on the differences between groups in change over time. Paired differences (change Day 0 – Day 60) were significantly greater for the Test group than for the Control group for all 3 viruses. These differences remained significant after adjusting for baseline values. Subjects using the test rinse made 2 entries in the health log, whereas those using the control rinse recorded 5. However, there was no significant difference in frequency of health log entries between the 2 groups.

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