Lumineux Whitening Strips Gingival Irritation Study

Written by Kourosh Maddahi — August 21, 2020

Aims: The aim of this study was to evaluate the in-vivo effects of a novel whitening strip on tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation.

Methods: A total of 10 participants were simultaneously recruited to apply one brand of whitening strips to the upper left and lower right quadrant of the mouth and the other brand to the remaining teeth daily for a period of 30 mins over 10 consecutive days. Tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation were evaluated for each tooth at baseline, day 5 and day 10 by a blinded clinician, using a 3 sec air spray test on each isolated tooth to semi-quantify sensitivity (Likert scale, 0-4), and visual inspection to identify gingival irritation (0-3). Each participant completed a questionnaire daily after each whitening treatment and documented the following parameters: (1) dental sensitivity for each tooth (Yes/No) and (2) gingival irritation for each tooth (Yes/No). Data were analyzed using ANOVA techniques.

Results: For the office-based evaluations, significantly lower gingival irritation resulted from use of the test Oral EssentialsR whitening strips compared to the control 3D CrestR strips. Patient self-evaluations recorded lower gingival irritation, although not at a significant level, after the use of the test strips compared to the control strips. Dental sensitivity was comparable in the two treatment groups as evaluated in home and in the dental office.

Conclusion: Use of a novel tooth whitening strip resulted in less gingival irritation compared to a widely used control whitening strip.

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