Product FAQ

How often should I use the whitening strips?

You probably looked all over for a suggestion on this, and we understand why. The reason we didn’t make one on the packaging is very simple; everyone is different! Teeth staining can come from lots of different sources, but mostly it comes from the consumption of staining liquids, like coffee, tea, red wine, green juices, etc etc. The more of those things you drink, the more stains you’re hitting your teeth with on a daily basis. This seems like a long answer… if you drink a lot of coffee, try using the strips every day! If you don’t, you might need to use them less frequently. The most widely applicable recommendation is use them every day for one week, and then about once or twice a week after that for maintenance. Happy Whitening!

Are these products safe to use while pregnant?

We get this question a lot! And while we are the first fully certified non-toxic line of oral care products on the market, we always suggest that all of our expecting mothers (and congratulations, btw!) speak with their doctors before introducing any new products into their routines.

How do I access my subscription account?

You can access it at the Footer of our Website. Press the Account Link!

Are these cruelty free, vegan, non-GMO and/or gluten free?

As of 2019 we have received Vegan Certification from VegeCert (yay!). The rest? Still to come. Here’s an important fact! Certifications take a very long time to get. That doesn’t mean we don’t think they matter, or that we aren’t working on getting them. What it does mean is that while we do believe that our products are all of the above, we don’t have a third party certification on all of these things yet. We can DEFINITELY promise however, that we have absolutely never ever tested anything on animals. They’re way too cute. Thank you for your patience.

Are the whitening products safe to use on sensitive teeth?

YES! All of products have been clinically proven to not cause sensitivity. Whiten away.


Eeeeeee. I know this can be very scary and you’re probably very upset about it. But don’t panic! These are very normal and very temporary. They can happen with any at-home or in-office whitening treatment and are only a result of having something covering your teeth for a long period of time. As soon as your teeth start getting oxygen again, the white spots will start to dissipate (usually under 24hrs) leaving an overall whiter tooth.

What if I’m an RDH or a dental professional of some kind and want to give these products to my patients because of how awesome they are?

First of all, thank you for saying so. We agree. They’re totally awesome. You can email our super awesome VP of Professional Sales, Deborah to get more details on this: deborah@oralessentials.com (she’s an RDH herself, and a real nice lady)

Are you available in stores?

Yes we are! Checkout the store locator section about in the navigation :)

Are these products safe to use while breastfeeding?

Good News! Yes it is :)

Do you ship international?

At this time we do not ship international, but we are hoping to do so in 2021!

Other Questions

Feel free to email us at care@oralessentials.com we typically reply within a few hours!

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