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14 Day Lumineux Gingival Study

Study Goal:

To determine the effect over 14 days of Lumineux OE Whitening Strips on gingival and mucosal tissues, dental hard tissues, and tooth color.

Study Overview:

Thirty subjects used the Lumineux OE Whitening Strips daily over a period of 14 days, in accordance with the product use directions. Thus, 1 strip was allocated to be used on the upper anterior teeth, and the other on the lower anterior teeth each day. On Days 0, 7 and 14, the oral soft and hard tissues were examined carefully by a dentist, and tooth color was measured on the 12 anterior teeth using a digital colorimeter under standard, calibrated lighting conditions. Each participant completed a questionnaire daily to document perceived effects on the oral hard and soft tissues. No whitening-related adverse effects or symptoms were reported by subjects or observed by the dentist during 14 days of whitening strip use. On average, teeth became 5.5 digital Colormaster V shades lighter after using the whitening strips for 7 days, and 13.3 digital Colormaster V shades lighter after 14 days. Mean improvement in tooth color was statistically significant for Day 7 vs. Day 0, Day 14 vs. Day 7, and Day 14 vs. Day 0 (P < 0.01).

Read Full Study Here

Nitrate Study Lumineux


The objective of this study was to compare the effect of a mouthwash vs control rinse on salivary and plasma levels of nitrate and nitrite after dietary nitrate load. 


In this randomized, blinded cross-over study, time-resolved salivary and plasma levels of nitrate and nitrite were determined in 20 healthy volunteers after an oral intake of sodium nitrate (10 mg/kg dissolved in water). In one arm of the study, subjects rinsed with a commercially available mouthwash prior to the nitrate load; in the other they rinsed with water.  


Lumineux Oral Essentials mouthwash does not affect salivary and systemic nitrate and nitrite levels after dietary nitrate load.

Read the Full Study Here

Kay B.

Kay B.

"I absolutely love the product. Works instantly!"

Michelle L.

Michelle L.

"I’m loving these whitening strips so much!! Already seeing a difference and I’m not even done with the first 7 days!!"

Dylan F.

Dylan F.

I love Lumineux! My teeth are definitely starting to whiten, and it does not irritate my gums.”

Ally A.

Ally A.

“Love these strips - noticing a difference already and absolutely no sensitivity (even when I forget to take them off and wear them way longer than I’m supposed to)”

Sarah B.

Sarah B.

LOVE these strips. No sensitivity what so ever and they work great!”

Tiffany L.

Tiffany L.

Definitely makes your teeth white! Great for sensitivity! And great results!”

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