14 Day Lumineux Gingival Study

Written by Kourosh Maddahi — December 02, 2021

Study Goal:

To determine the effect over 14 days of Lumineux OE Whitening Strips on gingival and mucosal tissues, dental hard tissues, and tooth color.

Study Overview:

Thirty subjects used the Lumineux OE Whitening Strips daily over a period of 14 days, in accordance with the product use directions. Thus, 1 strip was allocated to be used on the upper anterior teeth, and the other on the lower anterior teeth each day. On Days 0, 7 and 14, the oral soft and hard tissues were examined carefully by a dentist, and tooth color was measured on the 12 anterior teeth using a digital colorimeter under standard, calibrated lighting conditions. Each participant completed a questionnaire daily to document perceived effects on the oral hard and soft tissues. No whitening-related adverse effects or symptoms were reported by subjects or observed by the dentist during 14 days of whitening strip use. On average, teeth became 5.5 digital Colormaster V shades lighter after using the whitening strips for 7 days, and 13.3 digital Colormaster V shades lighter after 14 days. Mean improvement in tooth color was statistically significant for Day 7 vs. Day 0, Day 14 vs. Day 7, and Day 14 vs. Day 0 (P < 0.01).

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